American Baptist Churches USA Issues Urgent Call to Prayer

Susan Gillies, interim general secretary, American Baptist Churches USA, invites all American Baptists to join in special prayer for these troubled times throughout the remainder of this summer.

Please pray upon rising and retiring each day, seeking God’s grace for healing and wholeness throughout this country and the world. Pray for healthy alternatives to violence. Pray for those who don’t know what to do with their anger and frustration. Pray for those who have signed on to protect and serve. Pray for insight into what you can do to help bring hope and healing.

For those who prefer a specific time to be called to special prayer, please join us at 7:00am or 7:00pm in your time zone, knowing others in our American Baptist family are praying with you. Please continue your prayers through summer’s end (September 21).

For those who prefer a specific day to be called to special prayer, please pray on the date each month that corresponds to the date of your birth. “Mark it on your calendar,” Gillies suggests. “I’ll be praying on the 10th of each month for the remainder of this year.”

Please join the American Baptist family in our chorus of supplication.

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