REACH Mission Trip

July 13th at 12:49 PM

This year youth and adults from Grace Baptist will be going to Reach July 13-20. We have been going on summer mission trips with Reach Workcamps as a church for somewhere around 18 years. Reach is a wonderful non-profit organization that actively encourages participants to adopt a lifestyle of serving those in need.

Campers, students and adults, work on repairing the homes of our neighbors, while also focusing on relationships—with each other, the neighbor, and with Jesus. Work projects
include things like basic weatherization, painting, repair and construction of porches, steps, wheelchair ramps and outhouses. All repairs are made at no cost to the home-owner, and,
through God’s grace, by “Miracle Friday,” they are usually all completed!

This year, we’re going back to Newfane, NY. Newfane is a rural community located directly on the shores of Lake Ontario in Niagara County NY. Because Newfane is close to
Niagara Falls, tourism is important to the economy. Today, the income per capita is 30% lower than the New York average and 20% lower than the national average. Niagara County is one of the highest taxed areas in the country. Many homes are older and in disrepair.  Homes are also subject to harsh weather conditions for the majority of the year. This leads
to many homeowners needing help to maintain the rich heritage of the community.

We are sending five workers this year: Ed Paluszka, Marcia Slowly, Isaiah Marc, Sam Scell, and MaryKate Boggs.

Campers (kids and adults alike) love getting mail at camp! Please consider sending words of
encouragement to the team at…

Camper name
c/o Reach Mission Trips
1 Panther Drive
Newfane, NY 14108

As a participating church, we are assigned a day of prayer. This year, we have been
assigned Thursday, July 18. Please set aside some time on July 18 to pray for the following things:
* Community – the people/businesses where the mission trip is located
* Evening Program – activities to help us focus on the spiritual aspect of service
* Reach Staff – adults who run and organize the mission trip.
* Neighbors – people whose homes we repair
* School and School Staff – where we stay for the week
* Workcampers – youth and adults who attend the mission trip
* Work projects – repairs we make to the homes