From the Pastor – Church Happenings and the Heretical Imperative Part II

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I want to begin this pondering with a few reminders about what’s happening tomorrow at Grace Baptist.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a chance to honor and celebrate the 10th anniversary of Casey Brookes’ ministry as our Director of Children and Family Ministries.  We will celebrate in our worship service as well as following worship with a meal.  There will be an opportunity for people to say words of honor.  Parents, if your children have not yet made cards for her, you still have Sunday morning.

Tomorrow is also our “trunk or Treat” from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Thank you to those who have volunteered to decorate their “trunk.”

Also, if you haven’t yet had your picture taken for our new church directory, you can do that tomorrow as well.

In addition to these reminders, I wanted to share with our congregation the sad news that Katherine Thetgyi passed away early Thursday morning this past week.  Please remember her children: Sean, Sandy, and Saunders in your prayers as well as her close friends at Grace Baptist.

Last Sunday we began a two-week sermon series based on the book of Job.  We were introduced to the character of Job last week and his three friends, who were not able to bring comfort to Job in his distress because they were unwilling to engage their foundational beliefs.  This Sunday we turn to Job and his relationship with God.  Throughout the book, Job charges God with being unjust, unloving, and uncaring.  Job accuses God of being in the wrong.

When we read our scripture for tomorrow from Job 38:1-11, God must not only answer Job’s charges, but God must transform Job’s founding perspective and narrative.  As we read God’s response to Job tomorrow, we will encounter a different Biblical view of God’s power and creation, one that invites us to practice what I have termed, “The Heretical Imperative.”

See you tomorrow,

Pastor David

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