From the Pastor – June 12, 2021 “Let Love Flow”

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

During my sermon for all ages last Sunday, I shared with the children (and adults) the challenge many communities face in accessing clean water.  I talked to the children how people’s lives can change when clean water is accessible.  I invited them to help make that change possible by participating in the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) offering.   Children were invited to think of creative ways they could fill their offering boxes, such as giving a certain amount for each water source in their home.  The children are invited to return their offering boxes this Sunday.  In the event you cannot attend this Sunday, you can always return them next Sunday.

This year’s theme for OGHS is “Let Love Flow” based around Isaiah 49:8-12.  In that passage there’s an image of the people being guided by “springs of water.”  I wonder if you have ever thought about our church’s mission impact as a stream?  If you can visualize our mission impact as a stream, where does the stream go?  What path does it take?  Whose lives are touched?  How does our mission stream shape the landscape as it flows through the world?

Over the years, GBCBB mission stream has touched many lives and shaped the landscape of our world.  We may think how early in Grace’s history a college and hospital were birthed out of our church.  We may think of Grace’s Christian Camping Ministry years ago.  We may think of the Chapel of the Four Chaplains.  We may think of how Grace’s ministry has touched the lives of individuals in the greater Blue Bell Community.  We may think of individuals who have been licensed and ordained to Christian ministry through Grace.  Grace Baptist’s Mission Stream is long and has shaped the landscape for almost one hundred and fifty years.  Next year we will have the opportunity to celebrate that history.

But as we make preparations to celebrate the past 150 years and how love has flowed through Grace’s mission stream, have you ever begun to wonder where Grace’s Mission stream will flow next?  Do you ever wonder, what part God might be calling you to play to “Let Love Flow?”  As we gather in worship tomorrow, we will consider a few of these questions while also being invited to consider how we can “let Love Flow” through our partnership with the One Great Hour of Sharing offering.

See you tomorrow,

Pastor David

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