From the Pastor – Springs of Water

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Last Sunday we concluded our sermon series on the Beatitudes.  This Sunday is Children’s Day, Graduate Sunday, and Communion Sunday.  I am looking forward to having the children lead many parts of our worship service.  We also will recognize students who are graduating from high school, college, or a graduate program.  Finally, we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.  If you are attending in person, you will receive an individualized communion elements upon your arrival at worship.  If you are attending at home via zoom, you will want to prepare your own communion elements at home.

As part of our Children’s Day worship service, our sermon is going to be a chat for all ages.  Our scripture is from the Prophet Isaiah 49:8-12.  In this passage the prophet paints a picture of a world of justice and equity, a world where everyone has enough and all live is safety and abundance.  In particular verse 10 says, “they shall not hunger or thirst, neither scorching winds nor sun shall strike them down, for he who has pit on them will lead them, and by springs of water will guide them.”

This image reminds me of the importance of water to our lives.  Water is used to cleanse, to heal, and to bless.  Water can quench our deepest thirst and can sooth the most fevered brow.  Water is foundational to life.  Recently, I heard this story on the radio about a community less than an hour’s drive from our nation’s capital, which does not have access to running water.  I was surprised to learn there were communities in the United States that still do not indoor plumbing or access to potable water.  Had the story been about a rural community in Africa or another continent, I would have been less surprised, as that is not out of the ordinary.

But whether in the United States or some other country when water comes to a community everything changes.  One of the ways we can be a part of that transformation, is through giving generously to One Great Hour of Sharing.  This Sunday I will share with the children and adults the opportunity participating in the One Great Hour of Sharing offering gives to us to be a part of this transformation so that like running water, “love can flow” to these communities.

Pastor David

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