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The History of the Baptist Temple

Adapted from

“The Church Called BAPTIST TEMPLE”

Written by

Adrian F. Mumford


          The Baptist Temple Church (legally named Grace Baptist Church) of Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, is over one hundred thirty years old.  A number of histories have been written concerning its first years, the building of the church at Broad and Berks Streets and a most popular minister of forty-three years.  The library of the church contains many such histories as well as primary sources (bulletins, monthly papers, sermons and pictures). 

          The details of the church’s background and the ministry of Dr. Russell H. Conwell, including personal appraisals, are well documented.  However, it would be unfair to assume that the history of the Temple was complete with the end of such a pastorate.  The Temple changed with fine leadership and ultimately moved to Blue Bell from the center of Philadelphia.  A listing of all the pastors and associate pastors is provided in Appendix A.

          For those wishing a greater understanding of the early years of The Baptist Temple, Dr. Conwell’s ministry, the birth of Temple University and the Temple University Hospital, we recommend the primary sources and single editions of:  

                   Temples and Templars by Robert J. Burdette

                   From Tent to Temple by Edward O. Elliott

                   Russell H. Conwell and His Work by Agnes Burr

                   Russell H. Conwell by Albert Hatcher Smith 

          To understand each pastorate since 1925, we have considered the printed records liberally and the personal recollections of members.  Their church and/or Sunday School membership span those years. 

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