Joy in Our Accomplishments

Dear members and friends of Grace Baptist,

I hope this email finds you well and that you took the opportunity these past two days to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather after the previous five days of rain.  I was blessed to have an outdoor lunch on Thursday. This past week I also took some time to watch a documentary about the rock band “Kiss.” Believe it or not, Kiss was a favorite band of mine in my youth.  My brother was a Kiss fan.  I looked up to him, so I became a Kiss fan, too, not a huge one, but still a fan.

Kiss’s first few albums were not widely commercially successful.  They finally achieved commercial success with their fourth album.  That success would be followed by even greater success and accomplishments.  And yet, I was struck by how they handled their success and fame.  Instead of experiencing joy in their accomplishments, they were hanging by a thread.

That story connects with our scripture text from Philippians 3:1-11.  In this passage, we encounter practical guidance from the Apostle Paul on how to find joy in our accomplishments.  How do you find joy in your accomplishments?  If you make a list of all you have done in your life that you are proud of, what would be on that list?  What would be at the top?

This Sunday, as we listen to the passage from Philippians 3, including Paul’s account of his own accomplishments, we’ll discover the truth of how to find joy in our accomplishments.

See you on Sunday,

Pastor David

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