Tuesday Holy Week Devotional

March 30th

Good evening friends, Below you will find our second Holy Week Devotional.  As I mentioned yesterday, I hope these devotionals will help you deepen your spiritual journey this Holy Week.  If you find something valuable in them, please pass them along to your friends and...

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From the Pastor

March 27th

Fellow pilgrims on this journey, Over the past couple of months, we have journeyed together through the Gospel of Mark.  We are nearing the end of our journey.  This Sunday is Palm Sunday, the day we celebrate Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  You can read this...

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From the Pastor – Become Like a Child

March 20th

Fellow children of God, We continue our journey through the Gospel of Mark this Sunday.  This week’s scripture is from Mark 9:33 to 10:31. When we observe this passage of scripture, we see a couple of phrases which are repeated.  First, Jesus’ statement in 9:35,...

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