The Choice of Determination

April 8th

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ, This Sunday is Palm Sunday and marks the beginning of Holy Week.  In addition to our Sunday worship services, I invite you to participate in our Maundy Thursday Service at 7:00 p.m. We will celebrate communion followed by a...

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Amazing Grace

April 1st

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, As we continue our Lenten sermon series, we journey closer to Jerusalem and to Holy Week with Jesus.  Next week is Palm Sunday.  This Sunday is the first Sunday of April, so we will gather around the Lord’s Table...

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The Puzzling Parable

March 25th

Dear members and friends of Grace Baptist, This Sunday we continue our journey to Jerusalem in the Gospel of Luke be encountering one of the most, if not the most puzzling of Jesus’ parables found in Luke 16:1-13.  The parable has been given any number...

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