Bible Study Groups

The Explorers
Sundays 9:30 to 10:30AM
This group explores a wide range of topics using biblical texts and their application to both everyday and challenging situations.  We will also take issues in the news, and try to understand what Jesus would do.   We rely on thought-provoking, stimulating questions to promote discussion, learning and application. We don’t always agree, but we still love and respect each other. Our favorite curriculum is the Wired Word.  We are now meeting virtually via Zoom.


Midweek Bible Study

Rev. David Branekey
Wednesday  11AM
We are an interactive group who explores the books of the Bible or a particular Biblical character (Jacob, Moses, Gideon).  Topical studies have included the Ten Commandments, the Psalms, the Sermon on the Mount and “Women of the Bible”.  We use different approaches to learning including, videos, music,  handiwork and discussions.  Special series are designed around Easter and Christmas.  We begin each Bible Study with “Prayer & Share” for concerns of the group as individuals and as a church.  The second hour is a time of fellowship while we enjoy our  “brown bag lunch.

Presence Small Group Bible study

Tuesday 7:30pm

Contact Doug Hargis ( to learn more about this weekly Bible study and prayer group.  Meets in host home.


Fellowship Groups

 Communion Club
7:30PM First Friday of the Month
The “Communion Club” is a social time to get together once a month to relax and refresh.   We take turns hosting the gathering, but if you prefer not to host you do not have to. The fare is in the fashion of a wine and cheese party. You may bring something to the gathering or not. You may drink wine or not. The reason to gather is social and there are no rules or obligations for the Communion Club!

Church Life Groups

Prayer Chain
Linda Allmond

We receive requests for prayer from family and friends – these requests are then passed along via phone messages to members.

Congregational Care
Linda Allmond 

We connect monthly either by email – or meet at the church.  We discuss the needs of our church family and then make visits, call or send letters according to the need.

Special Interest Groups

Art Club
Linda Lin
The church has many talented artists.  We are coming  together to practice our skills  and share our knowledge.  An exhibit is planned for the church and community.

Biking Enthusiasts
Steve Longenberger

First Sunday on the Trails
On the first Sunday of every month (weather permitting), the GBCBB Biking Enthusiasts meet right after church for a bike ride.  The length of the ride and the terrain are determined by participants, but our rides always include lunch.  All levels of athletic ability are welcome.  In addition to the Sunday rides, the group has also done some organized bike rides and weekend bike trips.

The Lansdale Group
Harold Mathues

Monthly (date/time/location varies)
The group started several years ago when GBCBB promoted geographic clusters of members to form small groups.  We are members primarily residing in the Lansdale area.  Social and fellowship events are planned by that month’s assigned “host” member.    Events include tours, dinners, concerts, theatre, etc.

Prayer Shawl Group
Linda Almond

This group makes prayer shawls for those in need (i.e., bedridden members and friends.) Shawls have been given to friends in our community and in the mission projects we support.

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