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NEWS & NOTES – January 23, 2022

FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY, Sunday worship services will be virtual only (no in-person).  The Executive Committee and Pastor David will determine when we can safely worship in person again.

NEXT SUNDAY’S SERMON SCRIPTURE is 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, a passage often read at weddings.  In preparation for next Sunday’s worship, Pastor David invites you to read two chapters in 1 Corinthians each morning this week, beginning with chapters 1-2 on Monday, 3-4 on Tuesday, and so forth.  By reading two chapters each day, we’ll be able to hear the “love chapter” in its canonical context next Sunday.

THE MIDWEEK BIBLE STUDY meets on Wednesdays, 11am-noon.  We are beginning a study on the book of Revelation this coming Wednesday, January 26.  We are using the book, Breaking the Code by Bruce Metzger, revised and updated by David A. Desilva, 2019 edition.  We invite anyone interested to participate.  You can purchase the book online through various booksellers.  For the first session, we invite you to read the preface and chapter 1-2 of the book.

MUSIC MINISTRY FEEDBACK NEEDED!  Please read this week’s announcement from the Worship & Celebration Committee and sign up for a participation date.

BY-LAWS CHANGES:  At the February 27 congregational business meeting, the Diaconate will be making a motion for a change in the church by-laws (last revised in 2017) that pertain to inactive membership.  The Executive Committee has approved the change, and now a vote from the congregation is needed.  Please read the motion in its entirety on the next page.

THE BOARD OF MISSIONS is sponsoring a cold weather only clothing drive until Friday, February 4.  It’s a great time to clean out your closets and bring in those gently used items: winter hats, scarves, gloves, boots, shoes, coats, long sleeves and warm shirts or blouses, and pants.  Items will be distributed in Norristown.  Drop off the items in the church narthex during office hours M-F 9:30-1:00pm or contact Betty Helpa to arrange pick up of your items (, 215-688-3875).  Help to make winter a little warmer for our neighbors.

THE 2022 CHURCH PICTORIAL DIRECTORY is available online, at the Welcome Center and by calling the church office.

SAVE THE DATES!  Be sure to set your clock alarm a little earlier each Sunday in February.  We have a Sunday School class on Grace Baptist’s history coming up.  Attendees will get a sneak peek at the new video!

IN HONOR OF GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH’S 150TH ANNIVERSARY, the anniversary committee is writing an article on the family generations that have worshipped at Grace. If four or more generations of your family have worshipped at Grace, please contact Kathy Gallagher (



Sunday, January 23

9:30am – Youth Sunday School (zoom)

10:45am – Worship (zoom)

Tuesday, January 25

7:30pm – Presence (zoom)

Wednesday, January 26

11am – Midweek Bible Study (zoom)

7pm – Youth Group (in person)

Thursday, January 27

7pm – Prayer Meeting (zoom)

Sunday, January 30

9:30am – Youth Sunday School (zoom)

10:45am – Worship (zoom)


Deacons’ Recommendations for Changes to the Church By-Laws


The Board of Deacons of the Grace Baptist Church of Blue Bell makes a motion that changes be made to the church By-Laws (2017) eliminating the status of “Inactive Membership.”




Recommendation:    Eliminate wording in Section 5 that refers to “Inactive Membership.”  The By-Laws would read:


Section 5 – Discipline

Members may be disciplined by the following means:

  1. When a member has been inactive for a period of one year, without manifesting any interest therein by attending, communication with the Church, or contributing to its support, the church may, upon recommendation by the Diaconate, drop his/her name from the church roll. Consideration for such action shall only be made after a reasonable number of calls have been made to encourage and assist in the renewal of the covenantal relationship.  In addition, removal from the church roll shall only be made after the Diaconate has contacted such members via letter to determine the reason for their inactivity and to encourage them to either re-involve themselves with the Grace Baptist Church of Blue Bell or unite with another church.

This procedure shall have no application if the absence, delinquency or arrearage is due to sickness, lack of income, or other reasonable cause excused by the Pastor and the Diaconate.


Recommendation:  Remove all of Section 6.


Section 6 – Inactive Membership


  1. Inactive members are members who have been inactive for a period of (1) year (see Article 4, Section 5a) and who have been recommended for this classification by the Diaconate and approved by the Church.


  1. The Diaconate can only recommend members for inactive status after the Diaconate has contacted such members via letter to determine the reason for their inactivity and to encourage them to either re-involve themselves with the Grace Baptist Church of Blue Bell or unite with another church.
  2. Members in this classification cannot vote on church matters.
  3. Members can be returned to active status by the recommendation of the Diaconate and the Pastor.




Dear Members and Friends of Grace Blue Bell,

As announced during our Morning Worship Service on January 16, Barbara Green will be retiring from her position as Director of Music at Grace Baptist.  Her last Sunday will be June 12, 2022.  Barbara has provided leadership to the music ministry of our church for 61 years.  Her gifts and work with our music ministry have long been a blessing to our church.

By giving notice of her retirement five to six months in advance, Barb has given our faith community the gift of time to discern the next steps and direction for our music ministry.  The Deacons and Worship and Celebration Team have met and decided a good first step is to gather congregational feedback on our music ministry through small feedback groups.  These groups will meet after worship for 60-75 minutes on Sunday January 30 (Zoom), Wednesday February 2 at 7pm (Zoom), and after worship on Sunday February 6 (Zoom and tentatively also in-person).  Music ministry participants are invited to participate in the feedback groups on January 30.  Congregational members are invited to participate on February 2 or February 6.

Music Ministry Participants can click this link to sign-up for January 30.

Congregational Members and music ministry participants who cannot attend January 30 can use these links to sign up for February 2 or 6. (February 2) (February 6)

Now you may be wondering, why feedback Groups?

At Grace Baptist Church of Blue Bell, we believe that it is important for the health of our congregation for us to communicate well with each other.  One important component of good interpersonal communication is providing reliable feedback to our pastor, ministry leaders, and our lay leaders about how we are experiencing the life and mission of our

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