News & Notes

Calendar of Events

SUNDAY, July 14

10:00am           Service of Worship

1:30pm            Myung-Sung Presbyterian worship


MONDAY, July 15

7:30pm            Presence (Ortiz home)



5:00pm            Trevose (Room B)


FRIDAY, July 18

10:00am           MOMS Club (Graceland)



Reach Team returns


SUNDAY, July 21

10:00am           Worship Service

11:00am-2:00pm Focus Meeting (lunch)


Volunteers for July 21—10:00am service:

Greeter(s)                     Lloyd & Carolyn Paullin

Welcome Center           Marjorie Scharpf

Worship Leader             Ken Green

Sound                          Scott Brookes (Audrey Paluszka)

Nursery                        Barbara Longenberger

Toddler Room              Casey & Scott Brookes

Graceland Worship       Patrick Rodgers




Pastor Steve – July 29-August 4

Barbara Green – July 4-16, July 30-August 1



  • TO GIVE FLOWERS FOR A SUNDAY SERVICE, please contact Trish Simpson in the church office. The current cost of an arrangement is $35.
    • CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE with your prayer requests. Names can only be placed on the Prayer Concerns with that person’s permission because of privacy concerns.
    • CCLI#509706, wifi password: utellme1




NEWS & NOTES – July 14, 2019


Greeter(s)                     Butch Swanson

Welcome Center           Casey Brookes

Worship Leader            Kristin Paluszka

Sound                          Santosh Philips

Nursery                        Marie & Bernie Donnelly

Toddler Room              Erica Fitzgerald

Graceland Worship       Linda Allmond, MaryKate Boggs




The mission of Grace Baptist is to be a Christ-Centered Community Sharing God’s Love with the World.  Recent studies have shown that humanity is becoming more self-centered, focusing on what is best for ourselves. Individualism is slowly becoming the norm world-wide.  There is a movement that shows how people who have been identified with a particular social group are now making efforts to stand out as individuals.  Individualism emphasizes the worth of the individual over the community. The focus of our life can be “me”.  What’s good for me?  What do I like?  What will help me advance?

When we accept Jesus, we begin a transformation from a life that is self-centered to a life that is Christ-centered.  Eventually, the motivation for our lives will be What’s good for Jesus?  What does Jesus like?  What will help the cause of Jesus advance?  2 Corinthians 5:17 reminds us, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”


The Diaconate is sponsoring an All-Church Focus meeting following worship on July 21.  The purpose of the meeting is to focus on our church identity in relation to our mission and purpose.  Hopefully it will help us to continue to move in a positive direction.  Everyone is invited to participate.  Lunch is included.  Activities will be available for children during the meeting.  Youth and young adults are encouraged to participate so that their voices can be heard.  Please sign up on the bulletin tear slip with your name and number of adults and children attending.


NEW PICTORIAL CHURCH DIRECTORY–Please send any corrections or changes needed in your directory information to Trish in the church office at your earliest convenience.  Linda Lin, official directory photographer, is waiting in Room B to take new and updated pictures of individuals and family groups before and after 10:00 summer worship today.  You may also send your own updated photo digitally to the church office (solid background is preferred!)  Deadline: July 26.


ARE YOU INTERESTED in baptism or church membership?  Please contact Pastor Steve.  Classes will be planned to suit the schedules of those who are interested.


OUR VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL RETREAT is Friday, August 2-Sunday, August 4.  All children ages 3 through 5th graders are welcome to enjoy VBS fun!  Bring your children and grandchildren—invite your friends and neighbors!  Adults, see Casey if you can help with the VBS weekend.  There is also a sign-up board in the narthex for items we need donated or want to borrow.


ARE YOU TRAVELING THIS SUMMER?  We will miss you but know that you are always a part of our church family even when you’re away.  If you attend other churches, bring back bulletins from your visits.  Or send the church a postcard of your travels.  We will display the postcards and bulletins in the narthex as we celebrate the fun you had with your summer vacation.