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SUNDAY, February 23

9:00am                  Bell Choir Rehearsal

9:15am                  Coffee Time

9:30am                  Sunday School

10:45am                Service of Worship

Dedication of Hospitality Network Volunteers

12:00pm                Congregational Meeting

Graceland Too Event (lunch)

1:30pm                  Myung Sung worship (Room B)

3:30pm                  All-Church Talent Show (sanctuary)

6:00pm                  Piano Recital (sanctuary)


TUESDAY, February 25

7:00-8:30pm        Women’s Bible Study (Paluszka home)

7:30pm                  Presence (Ortiz home)


WEDNESDAY, February 26 – Ash Wednesday

7:00-8:30pm        Youth Group – Laser Tag Night

7:15pm                  Bell Choir


FRIDAY, February 28

6:00-8:00pm        Girl Scouts (narthex)


SUNDAY, March 1 – First Sunday of Lent

Hospitality Guests Move In

9:15am                  Coffee Time

9:30am                  Sunday School

10:45am                Service of Worship

Communion/New Members

12:00pm                Choir Rehearsal

Youth Group – lunch & bowling

1:30pm                  Myung Sung worship (Graceland)


Volunteers for March 1:

Greeter(s)                               Kathleen Viall

Welcome Center                  Elaine Hanrahan

Worship Leader                   Betty Helpa

Communion Leader            Linda Lin

Sound                                    Peter Sharpe (Luke Sharpe)

Nursery                                  Diane Schwartz

Toddlers                                Casey Brookes, MaryKate Boggs

Graceland Worship              Scott Brookes

Graceland Too                     Harry Jenkins




NEWS & NOTES – February 23, 2020


Greeter(s)                     Jeff Ledbetter, Marjorie Scharpf

Welcome Center           Casey Brookes

Worship Leader             Ed Paluszka

Sound                          Scott Brookes (Madison Dobrovolec)

Nursery                        Margaret & Brandon Montgomery

Toddler Room              Kristin Paluszka, Grace Ilunga

Graceland Worship       Casey Brookes, Audrey Paluszka

Graceland Too             Bob Stremme


WE ARE CALLED TO BE PEOPLE OF GRACE.  Grace is our name; grace is our game.  We are saved by grace to be graceful to others. God’s grace in us is seen in service to others.  In Matthew 25:31-46 Jesus tells a story of a King separating sheep and goats according to their response to people in need.

When we experience God’s grace, we become people of Grace.  Our lives are filled with compassion, caring and love.  Jesus tells us that when we are with the poor, distressed and needy, we are spending time with God.  Keeping connected to God implies keeping connected to those in need.  When all is said and done, People of Grace will hear God say, “Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world” (Mt. 25:34).


GRACEFUL PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE OF SERVICE.  Because it’s difficult to keep your feet clean when you wear flip-flops, they can teach us about grace and service.  We are saved by grace through our faith in Jesus.  We show grace to others because of the grace we have received. Just before the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.  It was unexpected and undeserved.  Jesus said, “Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you.” (John 13:14-15).  Helping others can be compared to washing the dirty feet of others.

THERE WILL BE a Congregational Meeting today following the worship service.  Please plan to attend and participate in the business of the church.


EVERYONE IS INVITED to enjoy an All-Church Talent Show this afternoon at 3:30 P.M. with refreshments following.


THE MARCH NEWSLETTER is in church mailboxes this morning and available for viewing on the church website,


THANK YOU!  The Pastor Appreciation on February 16 was deeply appreciated.  Thank you to all who put the program together and participated.  Thank you for the very personal card and gift certificate. Thank you for the great reception following the worship service. Everything worked together to make me and the other pastors present feel very special.  It is an honor to be your pastor.–Steve Crane


DEAR GRACE BAPTIST FAMILY, Amy and I were delighted to worship with you last Sunday.  Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and the appreciation you showed all the pastors who were present.  I loved the video, Bob Stremme’s time with the children and Betty Helpa’s kind words and generous gift from the church.  We also enjoyed the reception after the service!  We always feel at home at Grace Baptist and appreciate everything that was done to make Pastor Appreciation Day so special.  Blessings, George and Amy Hawthorne


LENT BEGINS ON FEBRUARY 26 (Ash Wednesday).  The Deacons have provided several free daily devotional booklets to help us prepare our hearts, souls, and minds to reflect on the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ and his mission for us.  You can pick up a copy of one of the three booklets at the Welcome Center.


TODAY IS THE LAST SUNDAY to receive the Retired Ministers & Missionaries Offering.  Extra offering envelopes are available in the chair backs and at the Welcome Center.


LAND SALE UPDATE: On February 11, 2020, Judge Melissa Sterling ruled in favor of the Whitpain Township Zoning Hearing Board and against the Campbells, deciding that Zoning Hearing Board lawfully granted CA Senior Living a variance for reduced parking for the proposed assisted living facility on the 6.0 acres to the west of the church.   The Campbells have 30 days from the date of the entry of Judge Sterling’s order to appeal this decision to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

MARCH IS HOSPITALITY NETWORK MONTH.  Up to three families will be housed at Grace Baptist beginning March 1.  Financial assistance is welcome as this is an unbudgeted expense.  Volunteers are still needed for a few overnights and meals.  Sign up today!


WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY—Twelve Women of the Bible.  Each of the twelve sessions gives a fresh look at one biblical woman.  We will discover background information for each of the women, consider some thoughtful questions about what we’re learning, and pray together.  We will gather at Kristin Paluszka’s home on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, 7:00- 8:30 P.M.  Childcare will be provided at the house if you need it. Upcoming dates–February 25, March 10 and 24.


ORDER FORMS for flowers to be placed in the sanctuary for Easter are in church mailboxes and also available at the Welcome Center.  Order deadline is March 29.  Please put your completed forms with payment in the wooden box on Trish’s desk in the office.


STAFF VACATION: Trish Simpson will be away February 25-March 2.  Many thanks to Betty Helpa for her able assistance during the coming week.


THE SPRING “SECRET PLACE” (March, April, May) is available at the Welcome Center.  Put your payment of $.50 in the attached container.



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