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Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and government recommendations, Grace Baptist has canceled all in-person activities through the end of May. Online and virtual activities are encouraged. Decisions about activities in June and July will be announced as the time grows closer.


  • Stay home especially when sick.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow.
  • Wash hands often.
  • Limit close contact with others as much as possible (about 6 feet).


UPDATED INFORMATION for worship and GraceNet meetings has been e-mailed to the congregation.  Please note that Sunday’s meeting ID has changed and a password has been added.  Join us this Sunday at 10:45 A.M.

Please DO NOT SHARE THE ZOOM LINK on any forms of social media. There have been issues with people hacking into zoom groups with inappropriate material. You may share this with a close friend that you want to invite with you, but share the social media sharing prohibition as well.

Since Easter we have been considering some of the people who saw Jesus after the resurrection. The Apostle Paul encountered the risen Christ long after all the others did. You can read about it in Acts chapters 9 and 22. The risen Christ changed his life completely. Paul wrote about how to live the resurrection life in a letter he wrote to the Christians in Colossae (Colossians 3:1-17). In this passage Paul encourages followers of the risen Christ to set our hearts and minds on heavenly things. Like Paul, Jesus calls us to change our lives completely. The resurrection life bears with
each other, forgives, loves, and unifies. The words of Jesus dwell in us and the peace of Christ rules us. As Jesus followers today, our old ways are buried in the grave and we are called to live the resurrection life.

THANK YOU AND WELCOME – Betty Helpa completed her term on the Diaconate and has now has joined the Board of Missions as the new chairperson. Welcome! We thank Steve Longenberger and Linda Allmond for their fine service as co-chairs. Pray for the Board of Missions during this transition of leadership.

We are thankful for the wonderful leadership that keeps our zoom services going. Many hours are spent preparing videos, organizing participants, and actually monitoring the zoom service to keep it running smooth. Unfortunately, this is probably our new norm for a while. Montgomery County continues in the red phase. Once our area moves to a yellow designation, we will begin discussion for having small groups meet in person (up to 25 is the designation).  We have some special services planned. It would be wonderful to meet together in person, but we will continue to
prepare meaningful times of worship for our congregation.

  • May 24 is Memorial Day Weekend. We will have a special remembrance of those who died in active military service. We will also remember members, friends and family of our congregation who have passed away in 2019 to the present. Pastor Steve will have a message, “Staring into the Sky” based on Acts 1:1-11.
  • May 31 is Youth / Young Adult Sunday. Student Ministry Pastor Brady Rennix is preparing our youth and young adults to take over the service. It is a great time to honor our youth and young adults.
  • June 7 we will celebrate Communion. Church members will share testimonies of how God’s presence is felt in their lives during this time of COVID-19. Pastor Steve will have a brief meditation, “Broken to be a Blessing”,
    from 1 Corinthians 10:16-17.
  • June 14 is Graceland Sunday. Children’s Director Casey Brookes will plan this service where we pay tribute to our children’s ministry, recognize graduates, and honor church school teachers. Please send your graduation information to the church office (school/college, future plans, degree, etc.).
  • June 21 is Father’s Day.

WE EXTEND CHRISTIAN SYMPATHY to the family and friends of Bob Hotchkiss who died on May 14, 2020 at Spring House Estates. Bob was a faithful, long-time member of Grace Baptist. No plans have yet been made for a service.
Cards can be sent to Kathy Hallamore, Bob’s daughter, at 541 Cedar Hollow Drive, Yardley, PA 19067 or Bob Hotchkiss, Jr., P.O. Box 50337, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579.

MEMORIAL DAY  is a time when we remember those who have died while serving their country. It is also a good time to remember all those we have loved and lost. On Memorial Day Sunday, May 24 we would like to remember those church members who have died since January 2019. If you have a family member or close friend who has died since January 2019 and you wish to include them in our remembrance, please text or e-mail their name and a picture to Scott Brookes at 610-585-7473 or scottebrookes@gmail,com.

FATHER’S DAY is Sunday, June 21. In order to celebrate our fathers and fatherhood, Kristin Paluszka is preparing a pictorial presentation. Please send her a picture of your father via text (610 290 2631) or email (  We will display your father’s picture along with your name.

THE SUMMER “SECRET PLACE” BOOKLETS are available at the church office. If you would like to have one mailed to you, please e-mail or call Trish in the church office.

THIS WEEK AT GRACE BAPTIST – All meetings and activities will be virtual on GraceNet. Meeting information is available in GraceNet Directory (sent separately) or request from group leader. Please DO NOT SHARE THE ZOOM LINKS on any forms of social media. There have been issues with people hacking into zoom groups with inappropriate material.

However, feel free to directly invite your friends to attend our online programs.

Sunday, May 17 (Matthew 16:24, Deny yourself, pick up the cross, follow)
9:30am – Wired Word Class, Young Adult Class
10:45am – Worship Service
Tuesday, May 19 (Matthew 19:27, Be generous with your wealth)
7:00 pm – Women’s Bible Study
7:30 pm – Presence small group meeting (everyone welcome)
Wednesday, May 20 (Matthew 21:6, Follow Jesus’ lead; do as you are instructed)
11:00 am – Midway Bible Study with Pastor Steve–1 Kings 21:1-28, Eminent Domain in God’s Kingdom
7:15 pm – Youth Group
Thursday, May 21 (Matthew 23:2-4, Do not do as others do; Do as Jesus says)
7:00pm – Prayer Meeting
Friday, May 22 (Matthew 24:13, Stand firm to the end; you will be saved)
9:00 am – 1:00 pm – Church office will be open and available. Please call or email. Do not visit during this time of social
Sunday, May 24 – Memorial Sunday (Matthew 24:14, Help to preach the gospel to the world)
9:30am – Wired Word Class, Young Adult Class
10:45am – Worship Service
June Calendar – Please contact the church office to have your zoom meeting placed on the calendar.

HEY, GRACE STUDENTS! We are having fun with youth group over zoom.  Thanks so much for coming out each week to
play the games and talk about God’s word.  We look forward to our Wednesday nights over zoom at least through the
month of May.  If the quarantine is lifted, we will do some fun outside events (with social distancing).  Please stay tuned
for our summer mission trip details, it will look a bit different, but we’re still hoping to make a difference for many
people.  Any questions please email
May Calendar:
May 20 & 27 – Zoom Youth Group
Brady Rennix, Student & Young Adult Pastor
(215) 620-5646,

GRACELAND LOOKS AHEAD – Casey will let you know about future events.
All-Church Baseball Outing, Saturday, June 6, 6:35 P.M.
Vacation Bible School, July 10-12
Graceland Day, Sunday, June 14

As was discussed several Sundays ago, the church is now set up for church members to give online.   So now we have three ways for you to donate to the church. The first two options are cost free to the church, and online giving does carry a cost, so we would prefer the first two options, but if online giving is just more convenient for you, the instructions for it are below also. We thank you for your continuing support of the church.
1.  Write a check with your envelope number and mail it to the church at its post office address (PO Box 122, Blue Bell,
PA  19422).
2.  Use your checking account to sign up and add the church as a payee using your Bank’s Bill Pay function.  When you use your bank’s online checking feature, it is typically a tab at the top of the page that you can click.  As with direct mailing, use the church’s post office address for the payee address and use your envelope number as your account number.    The bank will write and mail a check to the church.
3.  Online giving.  Go to  On the upper right above the church photo, click online giving;.  In the next window, click on Web pay.  You will be instructed by Vanco, our web pay processor on how to proceed.  You can either elect to use the electronic funds transfer (EFT), where Vanco will transfer funds from your checking account to the church or you can use a debit or credit card.  You can select to make either of these a onetime transfer or periodic transfers.

The cost to the church for the EFT is 1% of the funds plus a $.45 fee and you will need a check which has your bank account number and bank routing number on it when you set this up.   The cost to the church for the debit or credit card payment is 2.75% of the payment plus a $.45 fee.

DO YOU LOVE TO READ? Do you love to discuss what you have read with others? If the answer to both of these are yes; please consider joining the Grace Baptist book club which is just now beginning. The first book we’ll read is Prayer: Does It Make a Difference by Philip Yancey. If interested, contact Jeanne Hanna at or 610-287-4965.

VISITOR TEAM—The Diaconate is looking to create a visitor procedure. If you want to be part of the team, please contact Jeanne Hanna (, 610-287-4965).

HAVE YOU HAD TROUBLE GETTING TOILET PAPER? These shelves have been empty in most area stores. To help out, we’ve laid in two cases of toilet paper at the church. If you need a few rolls, please let Trish know and plan to pick up on a Friday morning.

2 John Brady 17 Beth Hargis
4 Tymere Davis 18 Jeanette Simpson
9 MaryKate Boggs 19 Kathy Kautz Arango
10 Shabrae Jackson Krieg 20 Barbara Longenberger
13 Matthew Hanna 21 Rebecca Cate Cummings
14 Jeanne Hanna 21 Stephen Lloyd
15 Chadd Jenkins 21 Sunil Philips
15 Madison Rennix 22 Dakota Rennix
16 Savannah Rennix 30 Theo Lloyd
16 Luke Sharpe 31 Jack Bolick
17 Cynthia Dunne

CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE WITH YOUR PRAYER REQUESTS.  Names can only be placed on the Prayer Concerns list
that is provided to the church with that person’s permission because of privacy concerns. All prayer concerns will be
shared with our prayer team.

Our Prayer Concerns

Everyone is asked to pray for those mentioned on this list. Cards and visits are always appreciated. Please contact

the church office to offer prayer concerns and let us know when names can be removed.
NURSING CARE/REHAB Larry Lambdin 4-11/18 (Diane’s brother) OUR MISSIONARIES
Delores Davis Tara Laskey & Family (Butch Swanson) Obed Arango (CCATE)
Melvine King Rachelle Ledbetter (Jeff’s sister) Dwight & Barbara Bolick
Betty Leech Jackie Light Jean-Luc & Shabrae Krieg
Louise Markley Linda Lin
Betty Wardell (Nancy Burns’ mother) Gwen & Dave Mandel (Covid-19) LOCAL AREA
Rick Mandell (MD infected Inter-Faith families
AT HOME w/ Covid-19) Brightview families affected by covid-19
Linda Anderson 2/20 Robin & James McCoach
(Ed Paluszka’s aunt) (Jackie Pownall’s daughter & son-in-law HEALTHCARE WORKERS
Shanna Ball 4/8/18 Cathy Michener Brad Price
Sue Bertolett 7/7/19 (Pat Mathues) (Betty Swanson 6/12) Todd Hanna
Randi Bishof & family (Tamra Phillips) Eastalee Millard Doug & Beth Hargis (ETG)
Richard Black 11/3/19 (Marie Donnelly’s aunt) Krista Loudon
(Elaine Hanrahan’s family) Brandon Montgomery Shumi Mazzacona
David Cohen (son of Tamra Aunt, Uncle, two cousins
Phillips’ friend – NYC MD) (Ortiz family) FOR OUR CHURCH
College Students & Parents Kim Parrent, co-workers & friends Pastoral Search Committee
Christine Corsi (friend of Casey & Scott) Bob Pollart (Diane Schwartz’ friend) The Grace Baptist congregation &
Famie Crawford (Steve Longenberger) Christine T. Rives our communities during pandemic
Franklin Dassin (chaplain w/ covid-19) (Tamra Phillips’ family)
Robert Davidson (Debra Sharpe’s


Lara Robbins (Melvine IN THE MILITARY
Don Dobrovolec (Cliff’s brother) King’s granddaughter) John Keister
Bernie Donnelly & Izzie Tim Schwartz 3/3/19 (Jill Rhea’s cousin)
Nicholas Esposito Debra Sharpe’s father South Korea
(Nancy Burns’ young friend) Todd Shore & family
Dennis Flannery (Patrice Erik’s colleague) THE WORLD
(Helpas’ neighbor’s grandson) Elwood Swanson, Sr. Victims of Covid-19 & families
Jean Gray, Heather (Sue Jenkins’ friends) Kevin Tenney 4/19/20 Earthquake victims in Ponce, Puerto Rico
Elaine Hanrahan’s cousin Terry (Pat Mathues’ cousin) Persecuted Christians around the world
Adina Hatch Margie Todd 11/11/18 Victims of terrorism
George Hawthorne (friend of the Gallaghers)
Chadd Jenkins Joe Vallucci & family
Lowin Willoughby
(Jeff & Marjorie’s family)

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