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SUNDAY, September 15

9:15am                  Coffee Time

9:30am                  Sunday School

10:45am                Service of Worship

Welcoming New Members

12:00pm                Congregational Business Meeting


1:30pm                  Myung Sung Presbyterian worship


TUESDAY, September 17

7:30pm                  Presence (Ortiz home)

WEDNESDAY, September 18

11:00am                 Midweek Bible Study

5:00pm                  Trevose (Room B)

7:00-8:30pm        Youth Group – Fall Kick-off Party!!!

7:15pm                  Bell Choir


FRIDAY, September 20

10:00am                MOMS Club (Graceland)

7:00-9:00pm        Preparation of Bridal Shower


SATURDAY, September 21

11:30am-2:30pm Bridal Shower


SUNDAY, September 22

9:15am                  Coffee Time

9:30am                  Sunday School

10:45am                Service of Worship

12:00pm                Choir Rehearsal

1:30pm                  Myung-Sung Presbyterian worship


Volunteers for September 22:

Greeter(s)                               Barbara Longenberger

Welcome Center                  Casey Brookes

Worship Leader                   Ken Green

Sound                                    Santosh Philips (Luke Douglas)

Nursery                                  Marie & Bernie Donnelly

Toddler Room                     Kristin Paluszka, Lila Homa

Graceland Worship              Bob Stremme, Audrey Paluszka

Snacks                                   Adina Hatch


  • TO GIVE FLOWERS FOR A SUNDAY SERVICE, please contact Trish Simpson in the church office. The current cost of an arrangement is $35.
    • CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE with your prayer requests. Names can only be placed on the Prayer Concerns with that person’s permission because of privacy concerns.
    • CCLI#509706, wifi password: utellme1



NEWS & NOTES – September 15, 2019


Greeter(s)                     Kathleen Viall

Welcome Center           Joe Gallagher

Worship Leader            Kathy Gallagher

Sound                          Scott Rhea (Nate Fitzgerald)

Nursery                        Erica Fitzgerald

Toddler Room              Casey & Scott Brookes

Graceland Worship       Margaret & Brandon Montgomery

Coffee Time Snacks     Marie & Bernie Donnelly


WE EXTEND THE RIGHT HAND OF CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP to the following new members this morning during the worship service:

  • Jacqueline (Jackie) Longo – Jackie, mom to Luke Douglas, is an accountant for a pharmaceutical company in King of Prussia.  A Blue Bell resident, she enjoys mystery novels and traveling.  Her new member sponsor is Jill Rhea.
  • Stanley Hatch – Residing with his wife, Adina, and son, Josh, in Flourtown, Stanley is a faculty member for the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and Salus University of Health Sciences in Elkins Park.  An older son, Ben, attends college in Minnesota.  Stanley enjoys running, biking, photography, and home repairs.  His new member sponsor is Don Helpa.


THERE WILL BE A CONGREGATIONAL MEETING THIS MORNING immediately following the service of worship.  Please plan to attend and participate in the business of the church.


FAITH IN ACTION SUNDAY is September 29.  Plan to be part of our fall outreach to the Blue Bell community.  Friends and family members are welcome to join us.  See today’s bulletin insert for a list of the FIA projects to choose from.  Some projects take place on September 28 and throughout the month of September (collection for the Mennonite disaster relief buckets).  Sign up today!

WE ARE CALLED TO BE A HEALTHY CHURCH.  A church is a group of Christians committed to working together for the common goal of serving Christ.  Church health begins with members who are both spiritually healthy and committed to working together.  The Apostle Paul wrote, “You are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” (1 Corinthians 12:27) Jesus deserves a strong and healthy body.

During the fall, Pastor Steve is considering “Essential Qualities of a Healthy Church.”  This week’s message continues our first characteristic of a healthy church: a healthy church has leadership that empowers the members for ministry.  Today’s message takes a look at the model set by Jesus.  He empowered his disciples for ministry by providing everything they needed to do the work of the Kingdom.  Then he pushed them out, “as the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20:21). In turn, the disciples also could say to the next generation, “As Jesus sent me, I am sending you.”  We are challenged to say the same.


“SIMON SAYS/JESUS SAYS”.  The object of the game of “Simon Says” is to eliminate others by tricking them to do something they shouldn’t.  As followers of Jesus, we should play “Jesus Says” as we seek to be the best that we can be.  Jesus will never try to trick us or eliminate us.  Ephesians 5:1 reminds us: “Be imitators of God” (NRSV).


THE MIDWEEK BIBLE STUDY meets on Wednesdays at 11:00 A.M. in Room B.  During the fall we are studying the life of Joseph, son of Jacob.  This week (September 18) we will see “Joseph, the faithful servant, gets into trouble” in Genesis 39:1-20a.  We will learn that the Lord is with those who have faith and trust, even during difficult moments.  The purpose of our Bible Study is to dig deeper into the Scriptures, strengthen each other’s faith, and build our bonds of Christian fellowship.  You are welcome to bring a bag lunch and fellowship together following the study. All are welcome! No childcare is available.


THE WIRED WORD CLASS is back in the Board Room this morning.  This group explores a wide range of topics taken from the news and uses biblical texts to explore these challenging situations.  Class leaders are Cliff & Monét Dobrovolec.


PASTOR STEVE will be away September 21-October 1 on a preaching and teaching mission trip in Argentina.  His work is coordinated with VEMZO (Vision Evanglistica y Misionera de la Zona Oeste).  He will be visiting churches and communities in the western part of Buenos Aires Provence (southeastern part of Argentina).  Please keep Pastor Steve in your prayers.  Contact Linda Allmond or a deacon for issues of pastoral care or for the Care Giving Team. Pastor Brady will preach next Sunday.

THE CLOTHING COLLECTION for Shady Grove Elementary School students will continue through September.  Items needed: kids belts (new or good condition), kids socks & underwear (new only), kids sweatpants (new or good condition).


ARE YOU INTERESTED in baptism or church membership?  Please contact Pastor Steve.  Classes will be planned to suit the schedules of those who are interested.


COMMUNION CLUB will resume October 18, 7:30 P.M. at the home of Scott and Jill Rhea.  The “Communion Club” is a social time to get together to relax and connect with others in the church family in an informal setting.  Please put it on your calendar!


METAL DETECTOR NEEDED!  We are still picking up nails from the roof repair in the rear yard and on the rear parking lot.  Obviously, this is a dangerous situation with our youth playing outdoors and for anyone just walking into the church on the paved surfaces.  If you have a metal detector and would be willing to walk around the back property with it to

find these last nails, please contact Pastor Brady or Trish.


THE FALL “SECRET PLACE” DEVOTIONAL BOOKLET (September, October, November) is available at the Welcome Center.  Cost is $.50 each.  Pick up your copy today!


PARENTS OF COLLEGE STUDENTS, please let the church office know your student’s contact information so we can keep in touch during the year.  They won’t want to miss out on a care package in November!


DELORES DAVIS will be 100 on September 20.  We’d like to honor her on this special birthday with a card shower.  Cards can be sent to her at her daughter’s address: 1502 Linden Way, King of Prussia, PA 19406.


SNACKS ARE NEEDED for the 9:15 A.M. Coffee Time each Sunday morning.  Please sign up on the tablet at the kitchen window to bring snacks to accompany our coffee.  Contact Marie Donnelly with any questions.

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