Youth Missions

Ministering since 1992, Reach Workcamps is a weeklong mission of service to low-income communities. Working with local agencies and/or local churches, the camps seek to make an impact on residents, communities, students and adult sponsors who attend. It is a life-changing experience as campers participate in activities that build community and self-esteem, encourages spiritual growth and enables them to understand their role in combating poverty. Reach strives to be the industry leader by providing the highest quality Christian mission trips for Jr. and Sr. High youth groups

Reach 2018

Grace Baptist attended the second mission week for the town of New Berlin, NY. We were among the approximately 350 people who heard God’s call to help those
who were less fortunate. Our Youth Leader was Andrea Siddall. Our Troubleshooter was Ed Paluszka. Our students were Charlie Hertz, Davis Rhea, Doug DeVincent, Isaiah Marc, Jack Rhea, Jagger Doll, Mary Kate Boggs, and Sam Scharf.

The theme this year was “Get Out of the Boat.” The only way Peter could walk on water was by taking a step of faith to get out of the boat. All week long, we were encouraged to search within ourselves to find what might be keeping us from taking our own personal step of faith. We were divided among the 39 crews to help rebuild the physical and spiritual homes of those who took a step of faith in us by believing in the Reach organization.

We built and refurbished porches, steps, and wheelchair ramps. We cleaned and painted exteriors and interiors. We learned new skills or found a way to apply skills we
had already learned. Like Charlie, who applied what he learned in robotics to fix a post hole digger! For 3 of us “rookies”, we met and made friends with many new people.

The others did this too, but also met with old friends from previous Reach trips. In any case, it was easy to feel the presence of Jesus. His love was evident in the way that this group carried themselves, each other, and the “neighbors” who lived there.

Reach 2016

Hurricane group July 2016IMG_4081 (2)During the week of July 9-16, eleven students and adults from Grace Baptist served with Reach Mission Trips in Hurricane, WV. There were a total of 491 students and adults on work crews with at least 30 additional volunteers. We worked on a total of 44 houses this week, completing roofing projects, installing new gutters, repairing decks, railings and stairs, replacing decks, installing new porch roofs, cleaning siding with TSP, painting houses, painting trim inside and out, painting rooms and ceilings, replacing floors, and repairing fences. It was a lot of amazing work and there were a lot of God sightings.

“I saw God in the enthusiasm of the blue shirts, my crew mates, and in the kindness of my neighbor. I greatly enjoyed being given the opportunity to develop new skills that I could utilize in order to put a much safer roof over my neighbor’s head.”–Christy Arango-Kautz

“I had a great time being able to help other people. It was such a great experience because I was able to meet so many different people from all over. Thank you!”– Samantha Scharf

All of us who went on the trip would like to thank you, our church family, for all of the financial support, love, and prayers. Without you and your support throughout the year, this trip would not be possible.

Reach 2014
The senior high youth went to Monroe, NC, July 6-12, 2014.

Reach 2012